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Brokerage Analytics with one click

Standardized brokerage metrics to know what type of merchants are funding, which broker or agent is performing as well as tracking what data source is funding.
Know your numbers!

MCA Brokerage Reporting

Elevate your brokerage to unprecedented heights by leveraging crucial data metrics. Our user-friendly platform provides instant daily, quarterly, and annual reports. Swiftly pinpoint areas of improvement and gain actionable insights to take your business to new heights.

Data Analysis

Breakdown key data points by specific filters that brokerages use to analyze trends. Filter by State, Industry, Months, Default Rates, and gain insights to make informed decisions.

Broker Performance

Establish and maintain healthy competition between brokers through the leaderboard feature displayed prominently on the dashboard.

Submission Analysis

Analyze the ratio between submissions to offers, as well as the resulting closing percentages for both the brokerage and individual brokers.

Daily Reports

Every day, at a time you select, our automated reminders will be sent to help you evaluate your brokerage's performance as a whole.

Default Ratio

With the fast-paced rise of defaults in the industry, it's important to keep a sharp eye on where your lead comes from. By monitoring the origin of your leads, you can determine if your source is truly providing qualified leads.

All Analytics

Easily access comprehensive closing percentages data with a single click, whether it's for daily, weekly, monthly or fiscal year perspectives.

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