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Frequently asked Questions Submission CRM

Is my data secure?

Submission CRM provides the ability securely store data in the cloud hosted at AWS S3.

Does Submission CRM come with lenders and funders preloaded?

No, Submission CRM loads the lenders and funders you work with and manages the guidelines lender require based on minimums, average and max values.  You just simply load in your ISO/Funder rep details such as contact name, phone number and email values.  With over 300 verified lenders and funders loaded in our database, we can load them depending your relationship status..

Can I cancel or change my order?

You can modify or cancel your license at anytime.  Simply create a support ticket or contact your Submission CRM representative to update your active status.

What is the blank check for form number for printing Check 21

Form No. 4586 sold at Office Depot.

What method does are my submissions forwarded to lender?

Submission CRM currently delivers merchant data to Lenders/Funders alike via API, if you're granted API keys by the lender/funder or simply via e-mails via blind carbon copy.

How can I pay for my purchases?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards for auto recurring pay on a month-to-month contract for our inaugural launch period.

How can I reach out for more help?

Please use the contact us form at the bottom of the page located in the footer section or via the contact us page, within your account via the support ticket link, or through our contact number, 1-888-572-6737.

How long is the onboarding setup?

Depending on how many lenders or funders you currently work with, onboarding can take generally up to 24 hours.

How do I cancel my license?

We'd hate to see you go.  Please use the create ticket page or contact form in the footer for a representative to walk you through the cancellation procedure.

How to handle advanced SMTP server configuration/App Password configuration?

**NOTE: There is an easier option to connect your Gmail account, using the oAuth sign-in method. Please see THIS ARTICLE for the EASIER method. The method below is not necessary, and is more for advanced users** This requires modification of your Gmail/Google account securities and for Business accounts , may require an administrator to set up This process will generate a special 16 digit App Password that SubmissionCRM can use to access your Gmail server so you can send emails, through SubmissionCRM, from your own Gmail SMTP server. In order to access the App Passwords section, the 2-Step Verification setting must be turned ON. **Note: You can choose to turn the 2-Step Verification setting OFF after completing the steps in this guide. Part 1: Allow "Less Secure Apps" For regular gmail accounts, please enable "Allow Less Secure Apps" on this page: For G Suite Organization accounts, your G Suite Administrator must complete the following steps: 1. Sign in to your Google Admin console. ( 2. Click Security > Basic settings. 3. Under Less secure apps, select Go to settings for less secure apps. 4. In the sub-window, select the Enforce access to less secure apps for all users radio button. Part 2: Enable "2 Step Verification" To access the Google Account settings from your Gmail inbox, click on the Google App Selector at the top right (the icon with the 9 squares/boxes), Then click the first option, My Account: Alternatively, you can type in the URL: Either method will take you to the same page, below: page3image65990224 Once you've reached the page above, click on the "Signing in to Google" link, under the Sign-in & security section. Next, click on the section for 2-Step Verification (Clicking on this may prompt you to sign in again, for security purposes) page4image65987728 Once you have signed in again, it will give you the option to Get Started with 2-step verification, allowing you to select which method you prefer (Text Message or Phone Call) and which phone/device to use (see screenshot, above). Input your cell phone number and select Text Message for the verification code, then click NEXT. At this point, Google will send you a text message with a code; after entering the code, you can turn 2-Step Verification ON Part 3: Generate "App Password" Click on the Google logo (top left) to return to the My Account page and click on the Signing in to Google link once more. Now there will be a section below 2-step verification that says App Passwords: page4image65991472page5image65988976 Click on App Passwords: (Clicking on this will prompt you to sign in again, but this time it will send another text message upon attempting to sign in) Once signed in again, it will take you to the page that says App Password. You will be presented with two drop-down menus: page5image65991888 For the first drop-down, select Other (Custom Name) (e.g. SubCRM). The page will give you a blank text box where you can type in a name/label. Type in SubmissionCRM or SubCRM (it doesn't actually matter what you label it as). page6image65990848 Then click Generate. This will generate a pop up window with a special 16 digit code that you will need to copy.**DO NOT click the DONE button until the special code has been copied to your clipboard.** Once you have copied this code, please return to your SubmissionCRM account, then navigate to My Account > Use Your Own SMTP Server link PASTE the special code into the SMTP Password section, see below. page6image65987104