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Lender Filtration with SubScrub ™

Our proprietary technology scans your merchants business bank statements and analyzes them. Extracting key data points in order to properly submit your merchants file to the appropriate lender/funder. SubScrub also alerts you of potential fraud – all in less than 5 seconds.

Scrubbing Banks made easy.

Scrubbing over 10,000 financial institutions nationwide.

Select the Statements, Scrub,
then filter.

Our submission process made easy. Funneling the data from the application. Once the banks statements have been loaded by the merchant or broker by upload, simply just click SubScrub logo, and proceed to filter. Either send to your approved API lender or submit easily the traditional way, via e-mail to underwriting.

Average Daily Balances, Number of Positions, Negative Days, Average Gross Deposits, Accounts in Recovery all read within 5 seconds.

Streamline payee names & categorize transactions swiftly.

OCR/IDR technology specifically designed to extract data from bank statements with high accuracy and speed. With its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, it can identify and categorize every detail.

Flags questionable transactions and meta-data that may have been manipulated.

Our team of Submission Experts is always ready to assist you in using our software correctly and ensuring that you submit more deals successfully.

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